Chris Penfold

Senior Partner


hristopher started his business journey in 2009 as an electrical contractor. In the years following he ventured out from construction into other industries. Including Fitness & Health, Ecommerce, Digital, and B2B Services. Stumbling into M&A, somewhat organically along the way. He transitioned to business buyer and investor.

Over the past 13 years Chris has held a majority in 17 businesses. He’s partnered with or advised many hundreds more. With a steady portfolio of at least 5 companies. He’s a die hard advocate of collaborative acquisitions and shared value.

“I’m yet to see adversarial, transactional approaches ever trump true collaboration”.

His flexible methodologies create unique tried & true win-win solutions for scaling, profiting & exiting.

Chris prides himself on being a true generalist. Known for taking on challenges that most shy away from. He thrives on a Eudaimonic approach to life & business. He’s objective and transparent which means he’s not afraid of playing “Devil’s Advocate” when it yields better outcomes.

Chris lives in Sydney with his wife Liz, son Ashton, & dog Harvey. They hop around every few years taking on new home building or renovation projects. He’s a self professed car tragic who enjoys reading, and keeping physically active.

Sectors: All, with a preference for Construction, Ecommerce, Digital, Agencies, Fitness & Health