Craig Boddington


As a successful business coach & mentor for many Fortune 500 companies, Craig has been described as the “Red Adaire” of business change & transformation.

Through his innovative M&A strategies, Craig has served over 200+ founders, entrepreneurs, and business owners successfully grow, scale, and exit their companies to achieve life-changing wealth by creating smart, ecological deal structures.

Having acquired, scaled, and exited numerous companies, Craig has a passionate commitment to serve by devoting his M&A expertise to positively impact the lives of SMB owners & entrepreneurs.

Craig lives in Orlando, Florida with his wife, step-son, and four beloved dogs.

“As an entrepreneur myself, I have been very fortunate to surround myself with really great people who have helped me stretch my possibilities and become a better version of myself. And that is the foundation here at Black House, where we are focused on solving problems and creating positive, lasting impact in all that we do.”

He can be reached at [email protected].