Vinod Divakaran


Ever since childhood, Vinod never stopped building businesses all through his life. As ambitious as he is, his entrepreneurial mind never got him stuck in a single sector or industry. His journey started at the age of 11, when his first venture – a book rental service was excitedly received and subscribed by every kid in town. From there he started, owned and ran 7 different businesses and currently owns a Commercial Pavement Marking Service company with core clients from government and large corporations.

Vinod had a successful corporate career as well. He earned his Bachelors in Engineering and Bachelor of Law (LL.B), before stepping into the corporate world. With over 2 decades of experience in the IT side of things, his last position was with one of the top Canadian banks, where he “owned” the digital channels of international banking operations. He also obtained several professional designations including certified Project Management Professional (PMP), along the way.

His experience on the ground as a business owner and his analytical expertise gained from the corporate world allow him to be concentrated on Mergers & Acquisition in the SME space. As a Partner of Blackhouse PE, his singular focus is on empowering small business owners to grow and exit their life achievement with wealth and grace. Honesty & Integrity, cultural values, legacy, and an overall positive attitude is what he values most in an M&A engagement.

Vinod lives in the city of Oshawa in Canada with this wife and son.